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KENTUCKY Marijuana DUI LAW (Guest Post)

9/24/2018 3 Comments

When the topic is about “driving under the influence” or DUI, most people immediately think about drunk driving. This is not surprising considering the many famous personalities who were arrested after drinking and driving and how they spent time, either voluntarily or forcefully, in high-end alcohol rehab facilities all over the country. It is important to note,... Read more »
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Cost Benefit of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

9/14/2018 1 Comment

A good attorney is expensive, but a DUI is much more expensive. We did the math to find out whether or not hiring a DUI lawyer is a good investment. Spoiler alert: it is. Driving under the influence is a terrible decision that many Americans make every year. The FBI estimates that 1,117,852 Americans were arrested... Read more »
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