Help! I Just Got a DUI, What Now? (Guest Post)

car-phone-duiGetting charged with a DUI or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be a horrifying and terrifying experience. Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol is merely an irresponsible and dangerous act.

Your decision to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs could be, for the most part, damaging and disadvantageous to your life and others lives. If you’re a first time DUI perpetrator, you might be questioning yourself what now or what’s next?

Of course, nobody wants to get a DUI. With that said, surely everyone is, without a doubt, unprepared as to what steps you should be doing next. For a little help, here’s a list of some of the things you should do next when you got a DUI.
Request for Legal Counsel

First things first seek legal counsel. It is crucial to know and learn the laws in your country when it comes to Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs. With that said, get an experienced and professional DUI Attorney that can aid you in making the process a lot easier and less confusing.

Report to Court

To avoid and steer clear from further troubles and problems, you should, and you must present yourself to your court date. In most states, a DUI perpetrator should show up in court on or before 30 days of the arrest or the state licensing authority.

Perform the Punishment

In a DUI case, the judge could condemn you to sorts of punishments. For example, probation, fines, restriction or revocation of your driver’s license, classes, and worst jail. As such, it’s of the utmost importance that you take heed by the judge’s sentence to carry out your punishment and eventually get your license back. The seriousness of your punishment will, for the most part, depend on your offense.

Have the Right Insurance

When you get a DUI, there’s a high likelihood that your car’s insurance company will cancel your policy. So, if you still have got your license, it is of the utmost importance to carry insurance.

In most countries, you will have to file a form called SR-22. It serves as a shred of evidence that you the right amount of insurance that’s, for the most part, needed by the country you live in. You’ll need to carry the proper insurance and the SR-22 for about three years. However, if your policy breaches, your insurance carrier should inform the state licensing authority, which will end up suspending your license.

Take your Driver’s License Back

Once you get convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs charge, you’ll likely lose your driver’s license for the time being. But after you’ve fulfilled or finished the suspension, you can be eligible to obtain a restricted or temporary license that will enable you to drive here and there, while you’re still on an alcohol program.

In order for you to be eligible, you need to perform and manifest that you have finished or you’re in the midst of completing any punishment you have been sentenced to. Also, you have to present proof of insurance by filing your SR-22 from your insurance carrier. Lastly, you need to pay any fees to retract your driver’s license.


​Even if DUI laws and penalties vary from state to state, all law enforcement utilize the same tests to determine probable cause before you get arrested. As such, be sure to that you understand the DUI law in your state and consider seeking legal advice to help you get through the process.

Be safe out there, folks.

If you are charged with DUI, you need competent and experienced counsel to help you with your case. Don’t delay, call the DUI Guy today. (502) 931-6788.

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