What effect will a DUI conviction in another State have on my Kentucky License?

DUI Conviction In Another State

If you plea or are found guilty of DUI in a different state, and your domicile (fancy word for ‘primary place of residence’) is in Kentucky, and you hold a Kentucky-issued license, then Kentucky will honor the consequences imposed, e.g. license suspension, on you by the other state.

Kentucky is a member of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC). The IDLC is a contract between states that enforces DUI arrests made out-of-state. Each state that is a member agrees to honor the DUI license suspension requirements in the state in which the DUI took place.

Thus, for example, if you hold a Kentucky license, and while travelling through California get arrested for and later plea guilty to a DUI there, your license will be suspended for one year (under California law) and Kentucky will honor that suspension when you get back to Kentucky (despite the fact that the Kentucky suspension period is 30-120 days for a first offense.)

So be careful in which state you plea guilty to a DUI. That state’s statute may be harsher (and a lot of them are harsher than Kentucky’s) on DUIs. Consult a local attorney in that state before making any decisions to plea.

NOTEBe careful if you reside in Kentucky, having recently moved there, for example, and still hold a license from a different state. First, one must get a new license within ten days of an address change. KRS 186.540(1). Second, even if you failed to do so, and are charged with and decide to plea to or are found guilty of a DUI, the license-issuing State may also be a member of the IDLC and will impose itsown statutory license suspension over that of Kentucky’s. That suspension time could very likely be longer than that of Kentucky’s.

Sometimes out-of-state arrests for a DUI may have an immediate effect on your driver’s license. E.g. when you refuse the Breathalyzer.

If you have an out-of-state suspension, but you carry a Kentucky license, you may be eligible for a hardship license.

Consult with an experienced DUI practitioner before you make any DUI decisions when it comes to inter-state matters. As you can see, it can get pretty complex with severe consequences.

If you need help with a DUI charge in Kentucky or want to know what effect will a DUI conviction in another state have on your Kentucky license, you need competent and experienced counsel to help you with your case. Do not delay, call Larry The DUI Guy Forman With Forman And Associates today.


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