Home Incarceration Program (HIP)

What is HIP – Home Incarceration Program in Kentucky and How do I Enroll?

Home Incarceration is an alternative sentencing option for those individuals determined to be eligible by the court. It allows the individual to remain at home while being monitored by GPS and authorizes them to travel to other places approved by the court, such as alcohol and drug treatment classes.

Can I Get Work Release Under The Home Incarceration Program in Kentucky?

In many counties in Kentucky, the Home Incarceration Program gives permission for an individual to seek employment, or to maintain current employment while under the program. This involves a pre-approved work schedule submitted and signed by both the offender and their employer, and accounts for their time spent working and traveling time to and from work or school.

In many counties, individuals are also eligible to seek release to undergo medical or mental health treatments, attend school, attend a regularly scheduled religious service at a place of worship, or participate in an approved community work service program.

What Are Other Requirements Under The Home Incarceration Program in Kentucky?

Drug tests are required to ensure that those participating remain drug free while under Jail supervision. Supervision fees are often required. A written consent agreement shall be filed with the court by every adult who will share the offender’s home during the term of home incarceration.

Do All Kentucky Counties Participate in the Home Incarceration Program?

No, there are several counties in Kentucky – Hardin County, Grayson County and others that do not participate in the Home Incarceration Program. Offenders are required to serve traditional sentences in jail.

Do I Need an Attorney To Enroll in The Home Incarceration Program in Kentucky?

No, you do not need an attorney to enroll in the Home Incarceration Program in Kentucky. At the same time, an attorney can be valuable in negotiating other components of the program, such as work release, church release, etc. You should certainly consult with an attorney to represent you in your DUI case.

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