Legal Requirements for Uber Drivers

uberUber can be a win-win for drivers and riders if all parties meet essential legal requirements. Drivers appreciate the freedom Uber gives them, and riders view Uber as convenient and safe.

What is the Uber service?
Uber is a mobile reservation service connecting drivers with riders. Unlike traditional car and cab services, Uber riders do not have to stand outside to flag vehicles down. They simply order online. They may also bypass long lines at restaurant, event, and airport taxi cab stations. They do not exchange money during their rides. Uber’s online app calculates the fare and automatically charges a passenger’s credit or debit account.

Uber’s widespread availability and self-employment model provide income for many people who can not find traditional work. Some Uber drivers desire a more flexible job that allows them to work around their family and other obligations. Uber’s income potential is limitless. Rather than work a traditional schedule, drivers clock into the app when they choose. They can work and make money every day if they want to.

Legal requirements for Uber drivers insure passengers’ rights are protected. These measures also protect both passengers and drivers in the event of an accident or legal dispute. Here are the legal requirements for Uber drivers you should be aware of before using the service.

Drivers Must Be Age 21 or Older
Auto insurers consider many factors in order to determine premium costs based on the likelihood the motorist will be involved in a collision. Age is one of these factors because it’s a mark of maturity and experience. As drivers get older, their car insurance premiums lessen dramatically. Their risk of causing collisions or being unable to avoid one lessens when they continue to drive with no involvement in accidents and collisions.

Uber adopts this philosophy in its driver application process. If you are under age 21, you must wait before you can apply to drive. Passengers should never accept an Uber ride from a driver under age 21 or a driver who does not look like the selfie photo Uber requires.

Drivers Must Have a Valid Social Security Number and Be Authorized to Work in the U.S.
Federal law implements strict guidelines for visiting and non-resident drivers in the United States. Driving outside these conditions is against federal and state laws. Uber requires a valid Social Security number as proof that a driver meets these conditions.

Drivers Must Pass a Criminal Background Check
All Uber drivers must have a commendable driving record and no criminal history. Uber screens its drivers’ records for DUI and drug-related offenses, incidents of driving with no license or insurance, fatal accidents, reckless driving, and criminal offenses. This check weeds out high-risk drivers and individuals who are willing to break the law.

Drivers Must Have an In-State License and In-State Car Insurance
Driving without a valid license is against the law. Under no circumstances may Uber drivers transport passengers if their driver licenses became suspended or revoked after their application approval. Also, all Uber vehicles must have in-state registration. The vehicle can be registered in another name besides the driver’s, but the driver must be named on the vehicle’s insurance policy.

Drivers Must Avoid Drunk and Distracted Driving
As with all drivers, Uber drivers can never drive while drunk or text while driving. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, drunk drivers kill an estimated 28 people per day. This figure does not account for the number of victims they injure. Though blood-alcohol level requirements vary by state, Uber drivers must be sober during their shifts. With the astronomical rise in common mobile phone use, the U.S. government mandated distracted driving (cell phone use, texting) as against the law.

An experienced auto accident attorney Washington DC trusts with knowledge of the state’s motor vehicle laws should be consulted in any case where general Uber driver requirements, drunk driving, or distracted driving leads to a serious accident.

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