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Nicholasville Kentucky’s Best DUI Defense Lawyer

Forman & Associates, Trial Lawyers are the Best DUI Defense Lawyer In Nicholasville KY and the State of Kentucky. Results you can count on! We are a law firm representing people charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI). Our firm has advised thousands of DUI clients in both Nicholasville KY and surrounding Kentucky counties. In addition, we have a complex understanding of the Court system, which includes its Judges, Prosecutors, and Police Officers. Our team of experienced Nicholasville KY DUI attorneys will fight for every inch of our clients’ rights. A Nicholasville KY DUI arrest can be overwhelming, but we handle DUI charges every day and know what it takes to win. Great Kentucky DUI lawyers are not cheap and cheap lawyers will cost you more in the long run. A good DUI Defense in Nicholasville KY  takes time. Hire the best DUI Defense attorney In Nicholasville KY, do not take any chances.

Kentucky’s Tough New DUI penalties make legal representation essential. If you do not contact us, please contact another DUI lawyer. Do not go to court unrepresented. If you cannot afford to miss work for a year, you cannot afford NOT to hire an experienced Kentucky DUI attorney. We are an established law firm that is here to help you in any way we can. Finally, our team of expert Kentucky DUI Lawyers will never ask you to plead guilty, unless we determine that is the best course of action for you and that we cannot win at trial.

Nicholasville Kentucky DUI Lawyer FAQ’s | What Is The Average Cost of A Nicholasville KY DUI Defense Lawyer?

The average cost for a Nicholasville KY DUI defense lawyer of sufficient training and experience to successfully defend your DUI is hard to exactly put a number on with so many possible variables. Nicholasville KY DUI lawyers can range from $2,500.00 to $7,000.00+ based on reputation and depending on the level of skill and expertise. Forman & Associates offers a paid case review, in addition we can often provide you with a percentage of what we believe our chances are of beating your case in court or at trial.

Who Is The Best Nicholasville KY DUI Attorney?

The term “Best” is a vague and ambiguous word at best. “Google” and “Yelp” reviews are great indicators of which lawyers can do the best job for their clients. The best DUI lawyers know the law inside and out and are on the cutting edge of legal developments in the DUI field in Kentucky. Larry “The DUI Guy” Forman not only knows the law inside out, but he actually cares about his clients. Another important measure of the best Kentucky DUI lawyer is how many DUI cases that lawyer has taken to verdict. Larry and his team have taken dozens of Kentucky DUI cases to a jury verdict. A good lawyer is not afraid to take his or her DUI cases all the way to trial.

Do You Need A Lawyer For A First Time Nicholasville Kentucky DUI?

Would you play poker without knowing the rules? In the famous words of Abraham Lincoln, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” There are several areas that a lawyer can help a first time DUI arrest. First, if you are going to fight a DUI, the first DUI is the one you want to fight because, if you lose, there is minimal exposure for mandatory minimum punishments. Second, DUIs can be challenged for illegal stops, improperly executed field sobriety evaluations, misread rights and other constitutional violations which can get a case dismissed, amended or result in a not guilty verdict. Finally, a lawyer can help mitigate or minimize potential punishment if you decide to plead guilty to DUI. You should never go to court when jail time is a possibility without a lawyer.

Can You Get A DUI Dropped?

Absolutely! In many cases, our DUI lawyers can find legal issues with the stop, field sobriety test, or the blood or breath test that can result in a DUI being reduced to a lesser-included traffic offense, or dismissed altogether.


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