Should I contest the DUI, or plead guilty?

Fight or Plead?

Fight or Plead, Every situation is unique. What might be right for you may not be right for the next person. A DUI conviction carries with it a heavy burden (see the section on DUI penalties.) Whether it is an over 21 DUI or under 21 DUI.

However, it is my professional lawyer opinion that all DUI cases should be contested. You never know what may happen. For example, a breathlyzer technician could be indicted for misconduct, e.g. Chris Thurman (Kentucky-LMDC) and Daniel Lister (Kentucky-LMDC), give his cop friend a break and thus be removed form his position, e.g. Brett Rehm (Kentucky-LMDC), or better yet, admit to LYING under oath, as Liliana Hernandez (Kentucky-LMDC) did. Furthermore, a lab tech or arresting officer may fail to appear at a hearing or trial (Pennsylvania article), or best of all: an officer could misidentify the defendant in open court (Massachusetts article).

Furthermore, other potential ramifications of pleading guilty to a first offense DUI are the inability to rent a car, substantially higher insurance rates, and loss of your job (particularly if your job involves driving). Speaking to an experienced attorney could mean the difference between winning and losing your important case.

Many attorneys are simply not well versed in the area of DUI law because the law on DUIs is very broad and complex. It is very important for defense counsel to not only be familiar with DUI law and its possible defenses, but also have the skill set and drive to fight each and every case until all possible options have been exhausted. Read my Lawyer Hiring Guide to learn more about how you can choose the right lawyer for your case.

Jefferson County has implemented a DUI Diversion Program called the First Offender Diversion Program, or FODP. Contact me to see if you qualify, or read the DUI Diversion section for more information.

Do not find yourself in court with counsel that is not adequately familiar with this complex area of law. Hire Larry The DUI Guy Forman to represent you and help you win your very important case.


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