What is Traffic School and how does it work?

If you get a speeding ticket 25 mph or under (or some other ‘moving’ violation), one option you have to avoid points on your license is to attend traffic school per KRS 186.574. Although you can ask the prosecutor if you can attend the program yourself, hiring me to help you decide whether this is the correct option may save you time and money.

Not everyone qualifies for traffic school, but if you do, you may avoid an increase in insurance rates, points against your license, and may be even a conviction on your permanent criminal record.

Kentucky has two types of traffic school options:
1) Kentucky State Traffic School (the only way to sign up for STS is to get a letter from DOT); and
2) For those in Jefferson County, the Jefferson County Attorney’s Traffic Safety Program.

Only about 11 other counties in Kentucky have the County Attorney’s Traffic Safety Program option, so if you’d like to know if your county qualifies, be sure to ask me first.

The table below illustrates the difference between the two programs:

Kentucky State Traffic School Jefferson County Attorney’s Drive Safe Louisville
Hours to complete 4 1.5-2
Cost $181.50 online*; $149 in person* $150 (all online)
Points assessed against license No No
Conviction Yes No
Final exam Must get 80 to pass; can take 3x No final exam or minimum score
Courthouse trip required? Yes; must apply in court or with clerk No; invited by letter from county attorney
Penalty for failing to complete License suspension Reinstatement of citation in court
Frequency Can take once every year Can take once every 2 years
Eligible offenses Moving violations; speeding up to 25 mph over Moving violations; speeding up to 25 mph over

*$134 court costs already included

Ineligible offenses: DUI, CDL, driving without insurance


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