The Ignition Interlock Device in Kentucky

When would I need an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)?

When you refuse a police breath test (which we recommend), or if you happen to be convicted of a DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended. With an Ignition Interlock Device installed in your vehicle, you will be eligible for a restricted driver’s license. This will allow you to continue to operate your vehicle while waiting for your case to be resolved, or in the event that you are convicted and your license is suspended for a period of time.

How Does An Ignition Interlock Device Work?

The Ignition Interlock Device is installed on the vehicle dashboard and requires the driver to provide a breath sample before operation. It measures the driver’s breath alcohol level to see if they have a measurable amount of alcohol in their system, and if so, prevents the vehicle from starting. It also requires the driver to provide additional breath samples while operating the vehicle, to ensure that the driver does not drink while the engine is on, or the car is in operation.

How Do I Get An Ignition Interlock Device in Kentucky?

There are steps in the Kentucky Ignition Interlock Program (KIIP) Process:

Step 1: The Court will report the suspension or conviction to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and a Suspension Letter will be mailed to the applicant. You can begin Step 2 prior to receiving the Suspension Letter, but make sure to wait at least 2 days after your court date, so that your information is in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s system. The key is to not begin the process before your suspension is instituted, as it will cause problems for the applicant, such as denial of their application.

Step 2: Email kiip@ky.gov or Fax (844-535-7209) the following:
Ignition Interlock Application (TC 94-175).
Proof of valid Kentucky vehicle registration. If the registration is not in the driver’s name, a notarized letter from the owner that includes a description of the vehicle and the VIN# is required.
Proof of Kentucky insurance.

Special Note: Out-of-state drivers will have to hire an attorney in their home state to see about their eligibility for the IID as the Commonwealth of Kentucky does not have jurisdiction over their driving privileges.

If you are unable to send by email / fax, you can take the above documents to a Department of Transportation Regional Office to complete your Application.

A $40 reinstatement fee is required, and must be paid online at (drive.ky.gov), or at a Regional Office, prior to the issuance of a restricted license.

You will receive a Letter of Approval by mail or email.

Step 3: Take your Letter of Approval to a VENDOR/Ignition Interlock Provider to set up an appointment with a Service Center. We have partnered with Intox-a-lock to offer our clients an exclusive offer for a Free Installation & Free First Payment. Other certified vendors can be found at drive.ky.gov or at (502) 564-1257.

The Service Center will provide you with a Certificate of Installation when the device has been installed.

Step 6: Take your Certificate of Installation to a Department of Transportation Regional Office, to have a Restricted License Issued.

Step 7: When you have completed the IID requirements, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will mail/email a Letter of Removal to schedule the removal of the Ignition Interlock Device. The Service Center will provide you with a Certificate of Removal.

Step 8: Take your Certificate of Removal to a Department of Transportation Regional Office, to have a Non-Restricted License Issued.

How Long Do I Need to Have the Ignition Interlock Device Installed?

To qualify for the reduction of suspension time, you must be violation-free for either 90 or 120 consecutive days, based on their offense. A violation will result in the consecutive counting of days to start over.

Are There Any Other Requirements To Keep In Mind?

Yes. In some cases, for the Department of Transportation to issue you a Non-Restricted License, you will also need to have completed Alcohol and Drug Education classes, or possibly other requirements associated with a DUI conviction. Do not get the IID removed until you have completed these other requirements. You may be forced to remove it, and if you have not completed your classes, you will not be able to drive.

How Much Does An Ignition Interlock Device Cost?

The IID installation cost should not exceed $100 ($130 for vehicle with push button starter, or with alternative fuels). Again, our office partners with Intoxalock to offer clients an exclusive offer for a Free Installation & Free First Payment.

The monthly monitoring cost should not exceed $100/month, and covers the device rental, scheduled calibrations, monitoring, and required insurance in case of theft, loss or damage to the device and its components.

The device removal cost should not exceed $30, and to reinstate your license, there is a $40 reinstatement fee. Service calls and violation resets should not exceed $50. Violation resets, when the violation is determined to be due to the fault of the applicant should not exceed $50. Missed appointments should not exceed $35. If the applicant illegally tampers with the device, the cost should not exceed $50/hour, not to exceed four total hours, for repairs and reinstallation of the IID.

Do I Need An Attorney to Get An IID Installed?

No, you do not need an attorney to get an IID installed. But you should certainly consult with an attorney to represent you in your DUI case.

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