The DUI Guy’s FAQ — You Ask, I Answer.


This week’s blog post is very simple. You have questions for me. I may have answers. If I don’t know the answer, I can probably help you find it. If I can’t help you find it, I probably know someone who can help you. If I can’t help you find it, and I don’t know... Read more »
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The Lawyer Hiring Guide

7/26/2014 6 Comments

When you find yourself wrapped up in legal troubles, hiring the right lawyer for the job is your top priority. Not all lawyers are born equal, and not all lawyers are well-versed in the same areas of of law. You have to pick the right lawyer for your unique case in order to have a... Read more »
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Your body speaks volumes about your inner thoughts


To follow my previous blog post about the importance of using your voice effectively when communicating with people, I would like to talk about another very important aspect when generally dealing with others. Aside from your vocal expression, there is another, somewhat hidden, form of expression a lot of us often miss — your body language. At... Read more »
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