Should I expunge my criminal record? Helpful tips


In one of my blog posts in November I discussed my very first expungement case. I explained that Kentucky allows a person to expunge certain criminal offenses (such as DUIs) and other misdemeanors if no new ones occur within a span of five years. In this post, I will explain what an expungement is, clarify... Read more »
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How law firms can ethically accept Bitcoin


With my recent announcement that I accept Bitcoin as payment for legal services, I got a lot of questions from lawyers about the ethics of such practice and the validity of this new hot “money.” Because it is so new and Congress only first explored the new cryptocurrency in mid-November, many attorneys are asking questions about this new... Read more »
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My Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session


Just over three weeks ago I got an idea from a friend who stumbled upon a recent Reddit post. What happened was that a lawyer who specializes in small business litigation started a Reddit ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) in the small business section. He prompted people to ask him legal questions about their business and... Read more »
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